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Ethereal Knights (2000)

Ethereal Knights (2000)

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About book Ethereal Knights (2000)

So this book is essentially new POV to a story I absolutely love. Ethereal by Addison Moore the first book in the epic Celestra Series!!DO NOT READ THIS BOOK BEFORE YOU READ ETHEREAL! You would definitely get lost. The Celestra Series is absolutely my FAVORITE SERIES! I recommend it over and over!!!!! You won't be disappointed! Addison Moore I just want to say thank you thank you thank you for this amazing POV experience with our boys from Paragon!!!! I wouldn't be mad if you did this with the whole series! ;)I was very surprised more than once through this read. I have read Ethereal three times and this book got me good! Oh man the guys back and forth is priceless! And I like that Logan's desire not to really hurt his nephew shines through. As well as both of their deep admiration for Skyla. I was totally taken in and pretty surprised at sweet Logan's naughty side. And a look at Gage's vulnerable side. It fills in what you know to give you an extremely well rounded three sixty of this story.Bravo Addison!This book is a very very good read!!!!!!! *sigh* Now to read it again! This is one of my fav indie series. I read Ethereal over a year ago and reading this version of Ethereal as the boys POV was pretty awesome. It's nice to see the way the boys think, feel and act. Although, most of the time they just think with their parts... I found Logan to be dirtier in that sense then Gage. Logan was looking for Mrs.Right Now while Gage was looking for Mrs. Right. Gage was patiently waiting for the girl of his dreams/visions. It just turned out that the girl he was waiting for was also the girl he told Logan he would be with very shortly. Who's the best man for Skyla? We are still trying to figure that out! I'm leaning more towards Gage now :)

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Fun, quick read. Liked seeing things through the guys eyes. I'm "team Logan" all the way!

Great series! I love these characters and always look forward to the next book.

Great book on a take of the male point of view of the celestra series.

loved it :) my all time favorite series

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