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Etsin Sinua, Mr. Darcy (2013)

Etsin sinua, Mr. Darcy (2013)

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About book Etsin Sinua, Mr. Darcy (2013)

Only reason why I read this because a) I craved for some happy end romantic novel b)I love Jane Austen. Had a month ago read Longbourn and yerned for more Austen like books.I drank tea, ate cake and read this sugarcoated story. It was easy to read, no cloud in the sky, no brain activity. Just munching away the afternoon. The world of literature could easy go by without it, the story and the writing was quite shallow and logic was sometimes lost. But it was all about brain relaxation. Another Victoria Connelly to add to my faves! She has a deliteful lite touch in her writing that adds to my enjoyment even when the topics are downright serious. Well executed characters and excellent development of the two sisters of this story. Several surprise twists add to the reading value. The Jane Austen sites and sights of Bath's festival will satisfy any Austenites!Victoria is adept at dropping cues to today's Austen followers to p up and laugh out loud ") The contemporary situations are well thought out with realistic and authentic solutions. I was entirely impressed with this story of two sisters mesmerized by the same man with incredible outcomes affecting their lives both presently and for the future. What they do with their infatuations makes for fascinating spicy situations.And when they both show up in Bath for the JA Festival, who could predict what will result? Will they find their own Mr Darcy? and will he be forever?Loved it! TY again, Victoria ! always a pleasure {& definitely a reading Treat!}

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Quick, fun read. Rather predictable, but references to Jane Austen's novels were delightful.

A much more intense story, but has good relationships (non-romantic) that I enjoyed.

Didn't like it near as much as the first two. It was okay.

A modern day Sense and Sensibility

Too slow moving.

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