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Evercrossed (2011)

Evercrossed (2011)

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1442409142 (ISBN13: 9781442409149)
Simon Pulse

About book Evercrossed (2011)

Ivy is on a working holiday at Cape Cod with her friend Beth. One night she and Beth is in a car accident and she sees Tristan again, before she wakes up in the hospital. In the hospital she meets a boy who is suffering from amnesia. He is named Guy by the hospital staff. Ivy feels sorry for Guy and spends a lot of time with him, which makes Will jealous and they break up, because Will becomes too needy (in my opinion). Ivy and Guy develop a relationship and in the end he makes a startling revelation. To top it all an Ouji board participation in the beginning of the book brings Gregory back from the dead.This story was okay. I cannot really say I enjoyed it more than I did Kissed by an Angel, but it was a nice enough follow-up. Although Will was overbearingly needy, I did feel sorry for him and I did not like the way Ivy was still clinging to the memory of Tristan a year later, when in Kissed by an Angel I did not feel as if they were that close anyway.I do however like the inclusion of Guy into the story, and I absolutely adore him!! I think I am starting to lose interest in these books. Unsure why. Its okay our library has none more after this one even if its not the last one. There is at least one more. Anyways the continued adventures of a girl and her dead boyfriends ghost. This time she's got herself in a jam beginning of this and its unexpected especially since her boyfriend should have crossed over by now. There ya go that is the main theme for this book. If you liked the first books in this series than be sure to read the 4th one here. And the 5th one should you wish to continue

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Literally thought I was going to have a heart attack the WHOLE TIME I was reading it. Lol

A romantic story of a a girl and her ghostly boyfriend.

So glad to see a sequel. Love this series.

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