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Everlasting Desire (2010)

Everlasting Desire (2010)

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1420104446 (ISBN13: 9781420104448)
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About book Everlasting Desire (2010)

Instead of reading, I actually listened to this book on CD. I kept hoping that it would get better and that some plot would evolve and it finally did (on disk 5). It's really your basic vampire plot -- someone Rhys (pronounced Rees) Costain is in charge of the West Coast Vampires. Another (older) vampire wants to take control of the territory.Rhys has developed a relationship with mortal, Megan DeLacey. She has a roommate, Cheryl (sp?), who is having headaches ... I don't want to say more than this for fear of spoiling the story for some.An okay story, enough to hold my interest, but nothing spectacular. The reader, Jennifer Ikeda did a great job. I would not have kept listening if the reader did not hold my attention. I while back, I read Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley. I gave it two stars, because I found it to be shallow and quite dull. The only thing that saved it for me was the character of Rhys Costain, Master Vampire of the west coast. So, against all odds, I was looking forward to Everlasting Desire, which focused on Rhys. Needless to say, I was disappointed.I never, ever don't finish a book. Even if it takes me weeks, I still slog through. Until this one, that is. I can't really even say I didn't like was too blah for me to form an opinion either way. I liked Rhys, what we get to know of him, that is, but that was it. As in the previous Everlasting book, I found the romance juvenile and the story dull. But what set this one apart was the heroine. She annoyed me. She was weak, self-righteous, and just plain stupid. She sees the man she loves, Rhys, supposedly get killed and figures out at that moment that he is a vampire, and her reaction? Call her roommate for a drive home. Doesn't help him, doesn't check on him, just decides to go home and have a nap. And when Rhys reappears all not dead and stuff, she loathes the monster that he is...but wait. Yes. She loves him again, fangs and all. Because she is good that way.Of course, her roommate and best friend in the world, the one closer to her than any sister, becomes a vampire. Megan's reaction? Uh, I don't think I want to be your roommate anymore. Bye. As I said, stupid. I made it to the point where said stupid Megan was starting to give Rhys advice about vampire business, and then I gave up. And I realized that I actually had absolutely no interest in finding out what happened. Not even enough to skim to the end and read through. As I said, this one was blah. Didn't like it, not interesting enough to not like it. Just a waste of time, and with the huge TBR pile staring at me, I have better ways to spend an evening than reading about characters I just couldn't work up any interest in. I guess that Amanda Ashley just isn't a writer for me.

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