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Evertrue (2014)

Evertrue (2014)

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About book Evertrue (2014)

This ended up being the strongest book of the three, in my opinion. I liked how, even though it was a trilogy, it wasn't the same story every time. Elements were the same--the quest, trust, relationships, sacrifice--but how they were handled was fresh and new. I loved Cole in this one. Just loved him. I wish he could get a happy ending, but with Nikki never wavering from Jack, that wasn't possible, and how Ashton ended it was beautifully bittersweet--the only way it could have ended while being true to Nikki as a character, but still heartbreaking. I did not actually finish this book, to be honest I haven't been that into the series. The first book left a lot to be desired, I never understood Nikki and Jack's relationship, it always seemed a bit obsessive on both sides. The second book was by far the best, but honestly that's only because Cole was front and center (the only interesting character). I made it almost halfway through EVERTRUE, and I wasn't interested. It was obvious to me that Nikki wasn't going to end up with Cole, Jack went from no personality to roid-ranging and it was never explained why (unless it happens later?).

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A fantastic conclusion to an amazing trilogy.

It's funny and unexpected.

well I finished the series

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