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Every Man Dies Alone (1946)

Every Man Dies Alone (1946)

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1935554042 (ISBN13: 9781935554042)
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About book Every Man Dies Alone (1946)

Oef... Ik begon in Berlijn aan dit boek, dan kon ik me fijn inleven, dat doe ik graag.Dat ik daar een maand later nog in zou zitten had ik niet verwacht. Wat een beklemmend, je leeg slurpend, bijzonder boek.Beide kanten laat Fallada zien, maar wil ik dat wel?En waarom lees ik het? Terwijl ik weet hoe het afgaat lopen...Koud kreeg ik het, meerdere malen, snel lezen ging niet... Te zwaar.Oprecht een van de betere boeken ooit gelezen... It was because of this novel that I discovered Hans Fallada. I saw it in the bookstore (Books A Million) and was intrigued by it. I read the short biography that is included and wanted to know more about him. I then went to read four other of his novels and loved all of them. I then knew it was time for me to read this one.I wasn't disappointed. It lived up to the glowing blurbs on the front cover. It is hard to believe that it was written in only twenty-four days.It is massive novel, over 500 pages and yet doesn't feel long. It wasn't always, at the beginning anyway, to keep up with all the characters.I would recommend this novel to anyone who wants to read about courage under fire, or is curious to know what life was like for Germans under Nazi rule.Truly a work of genius.

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The best book I read about german resistance against the Nazi Regime. A masterpiece and a must read.


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