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Everything I Never Wanted To Be: A Memoir Of Alcoholism And Addiction, Faith And Family, Hope And Humor (2010)

Everything I Never Wanted to Be: A Memoir of Alcoholism and Addiction, Faith and Family, Hope and Humor (2010)

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About book Everything I Never Wanted To Be: A Memoir Of Alcoholism And Addiction, Faith And Family, Hope And Humor (2010)

Kucera's memoir is an honest and surprisingly hilarious account of her family's -- and her own -- struggles with addiction. A stand-up comic, Kucera has a conversational and off-kilter voice and a knack for capturing a telling anecdote. Though she doesn't hide the ugly realities of her situation, she finds ways to persevere and to laugh at herself, giving hope to other families in similar circumstances. Dina's life is a nightmare. I'm sure she wouldn't take offense that I said that considering she has had to use drugs an alcohol to soothe the massive, mind blowing pain. She is a stand up comedian, writer, former cashier and newspaper deliverer, ninth grade drop out, at one time pregnant teen. Dina is an addict. Dina's daughters are drug addicts that suffer from multiple mental illnesses. Her mother is elderly and ill and living with Dina. Her husband is an addict. Her grandson has cerebral palsy and doesn't speak. She worked a job for years that sapped what life was in her...totally out of her. There were times when all she could do to get through the day was know that by 7:30 pm she could take a pill and lay in her bed. Some how I had in my head that people leading lives like this have no self awareness and think it's great. (Ok, I still think that about most of the people I know that are living this lifestyle.) But despite her ninth grade education, she is well spoken and entirely self aware. She made me laugh. She made me cry. She made me understand how the drugs and alcohol were so....necessary. I mean, I totally empathized. I sort of even wondered why I didn't use!Throughout this whole life of sizzling, searing pain, Dina has a fantastic relationship with God. Even when attending a religious sect, she is bright enough to know that she needs to take what she needs and what works for her and let the rest go. She bears testimony, if you want to call it that, of the mercy God has shown her. She was lucid enough to be able to recognize that He heard her and answered her. Frnakly I find that incredible for a person not on Dina kinda rocks it. I know nothing about her beyond what she wrote in the book, but I HOPE her life has taken a turn for the best. I rate 4.5 stars. The F word is something I just don't love. I get that she's an addict and has a multitude of serious problems but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy effing every f word.

Do You like book Everything I Never Wanted To Be: A Memoir Of Alcoholism And Addiction, Faith And Family, Hope And Humor (2010)?

Glad it was free. Somewhat entertaining ... I LOL'd... I won't lie but it was just 'ok' for me.

Best memoir I have read in a long time! Funny and heartbreaking while amazingly relatable.

For anyone dealing with alcoholism, addiction, a book with great humor and heart.

Beautifully written!


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