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Everything Matters! (2009)

Everything Matters! (2009)

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0670020923 (ISBN13: 9780670020928)
Viking Adult

About book Everything Matters! (2009)

Don't read this if you're not me.8/25/2014. I should have reviewed this back when I finished it like seven months ago. I really liked it; it sort of made me depressed while at the same time making me feel free and hopeful. Ugh. I really need to make notes after I finish books. Update: Apparently I did make notes. They're not good ones, but here they are:Guess I'm seeking out instructions on how to deal with certainty of mortality. This was good. What it was about to me was the need to relinquish control (that was explicitly mentioned near the end) and just enjoy things as they come. That's something I need to do now, because I've developed an irrational feeling that I have a right to control everything around me, and I become angry when faced with the reality that that's not true. I need to stop my descent into being an asshole. So apparently I'm on a trend of reading novels not just where the main character dies or where everyone he cares about is killed, but the loss of civilization in its entirety. The destruction of humankind. Apocalyptic in the complete and total way. Complete and total destruction of humankind with foreknowledge but the inability to halt the sickening progress towards our eventual but absolute doom. That said, this was a good read. For a little while in the middle I was worried that I wouldn't like it after all due to the life choices of the protagonist but then the ending sharply redeemed itself (though some might see it as an easy way out, I really enjoyed the second chance life) and circled back around to the title of the book and the ultimate comfort I take whenever thinking about mortality: everything matters. It was also set in Maine which was fun to hear alluded to after our recent honeymoon - everything from Moxie soda to Mt. Katahdin to specific towns we drove through. Well written, well thought out, some dark parts in the middle (actually those parts were pre-everlasting doom) but overall a good read.

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"Alternate" ending of this book is loathsome. Otherwise it would be a five.

What a wonderful book! Beautiful storytelling and I want more.

Astonishing. Thought provoking. Creative. Beautiful.

So unexpected, fresh, provocative...

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