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Everything To Gain (2007)

Everything to Gain (2007)

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006109207X (ISBN13: 9780061092077)

About book Everything To Gain (2007)

This was an OK story. I enjoyed the relationship between the mother-in-law and the wife, as well as the London, British based parts of the story. The description of the moors and the countryside are wonderful. The story has a predictable ominous overtone identified early which made each page turn distracting as I expected "death" at some turn. The death of the characters was boring - i.e. the tragedy was there but there could have been more intrique. Plus, the grieving period was relatively short based on the magnitude of the loss. This trivialized the story.It's a quick and fun read if you haven't anything better to do. It was a brainless book, i.e. no real eye openers or turns that developed the reader's mind in any way. Some stories with a setting such as these provide more historical information that could have enhanced the overall impact.

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