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Ex-Heroes (2010)

Ex-Heroes (2010)

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0804136572 (ISBN13: 9780804136570)
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About book Ex-Heroes (2010)

So superheroes saving people from zombies lured me in and I make no bones about falling for the bait, hook, line, sinker. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this novel is 'getting' the heroes, if they don't click for you, you won't like them. My two favorites are Zzzap and Lady Bee, although I do think I am supposed to like St. George...I just don't?Stealth and Cerberus are sort of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, I kind of like Gorgon and Banzai sounded like she would have been kind of fun...Regenerator's naming is just sort of akward, and I can't help but feel bad for him in the end. This is the first zombie novel that tells you how "patient zero" happened, and why. It has to do with why zombies out of the Seventeens gang are coming back from the dead...and speaking. I almost didn't get this one. Zombies. Superheroes. It's almost cheesy. But I really enjoyed "14", so I thought I would check this out. I've now listened to all four. It's great fun. The superheroes are well-designed, and it doesn't "cure" zombie apocalypse to have super heroes helping. The plots always go places I don't expect. They're smart and genuinely funny. I'm ready for book five. The first three audio books are multiple cast, the last one is just Jay. Normally, I prefer just one narrator, but after getting used to separate voices during the first three books, I missed them in this one. The narrator does a fine job, but it just wasn't what I was expecting.

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It doesn't get any better than superheroes and zombies. Please tell me this is a series!

Good mindless read. Super hereos (check). Zombies (check) What else do you need?

Excelente! Pós apocalíptico com zumbis, estilo Residente Evil com Wild Cards!

a short and fun read. would make a good beach-read.

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