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Ex Machina #10 - Fin De Mandato (2000)

Ex Machina #10 - Fin de mandato (2000)

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About book Ex Machina #10 - Fin De Mandato (2000)

This is my second series by Brian K. Vaughan (also read Y years ago) and now I wonder if he always finishes his books with giant epilogues into the far off future. Without giving anything away, I thought Ex Machina has a better ending than Y. Getting there (in either series) was magic with great characters, thrilling plots and insightful dialogue.A good 'gateway' comic series to lure more plain text readers. Grown man topics is something you gotta deal with, No matter how many super powers you love it ain’t gonna equal up to this real shit....Let me just start by saying this is the best “Graphic Novel” I have ever read. I wouldn’t even call this a comic. I know that there is a difference between a comic and a graphic novel but I’ve also seen the terms use interchangeably but this piece of work is too great to be called anything else. I read “Y The Last Man” so I was a fan of Brian K Vaughn (Although Under The Dome is terrible). Ex Machina exceeded my expectations. I love reading about super powers and the fight between good and evil and all that good shit but I also love seeing real issues discussed. Ex Machina does this perfectly. The parallel NYC was amazing and Mitchell Hundred is one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen.Vol 10 brings this story to a close. Before it does it has yet another amazing debate on the morning after pill. All I can say about the ending is WOW. I didn’t see that coming. I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll just say that I highly recommend Ex MachinaFYI: I’ll leave a review for all ten volumes but only change the last paragraph because the first three paragraphs were so powerful that they are relevant to all ten volumes.. LOL

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Hmmmm, the ending didn't make the series worthwhile. This could have been better.

and done with another series. Too many loose ends, for my taste, though.

A satisfying finale to Hundred's storyline and an even better coda.

Yep. Bold ending to a thoughtful and exciting series.

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