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Expectations (2010)

Expectations (2010)
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Expectations (2010)
Expectations (2010)

About book: Having not read the blurb first I picked up this book with the inbuilt expectations of a hot little twincest tale. Eagerly I turned the pages waiting for the romance to begin only it wasn't what I thought at all. It wasn't twins loving each other sexually but loving each other unconditionally.Okay so slightly disappointed with the lack of smut between them I decided to continue with it anyways. I am so glad I did. The grammar wasn't perfect in this book as an OCD grammar Nazi these things usually glare out at me. However, the grammar errors mattered less and less to me as the story unfolded. Expectations drew me in, made me care about the twins and everybody connected to them. It made me angry and I shouted at their control freak pig of a father for his lack of care. It made me melt inside when Chris and Aiden admitted their love for each other and it broke my heart for Matt who I knew was suffering deeply with his inner demons.By the time I came to the end I felt sad that the story was over. I wasn't ready to stop being in their lives. Simply put. I wanted more. So I read it again. Something I rarely do with any book and certainly not an e-book. I wasn't disappointed on the 2nd go around either.In summary take a chance. Buy the book and fall in love with the guys as I have. You won't be sorry you did. I just finished reading Expectations by Liz Borino. It was a very well put together story and I was hooked from the very beginning. The characters were loving and very well described. I got a vivid picture in my head of everything that took place. I would definitively say this a book worth reading. I look forward to reading more books by this great author. Thank you Liz for choosing me to read and review your wonderful book.
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I love all the people in this book. Okay minus Robert.
See review by Joy.
Loved it!!!!
3.5 stars
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