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Exquisite (2012)

Exquisite (2012)

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Ella Frank

About book Exquisite (2012)

In order to properly review this book I would have to include spoilers... I think the author had potential but the cookie cutter play of emotions and circumstances is just too much for me. She blames herself for her sisters death and closes herself up dramatically for 10 years and suddenly everything changes and this hot man makes her realize she is wrong right away? Makes her go to her sisters grave after 9 years with only having to ask her once to go? Just too much for my taste. Some sex scenes were really hot thus the two stars. By the way there were a lot of repeated phrases like lifting brows ALL the time!!!! At times felt like 50SOG. That's a wrap... I FINALLY FINISHED THIS BOOK!!!For the first 2/3, I was bored out of my mind . . . the heroine was a mega bitch and the hero was your ordinary contemporary romance guy.I was so freaking bored while not understanding what the hell he saw in her. And I hate when authors make every woman more beautiful than the heroine an idiot. It's like a lie less attractive chicks can tell themselves to feel better. At that point, I was thinking 2 stars.Then (SPOILER ALERT!!!) his mom died. Seriously the best thing that happened to this book was his mom dying, because it finally caused some real tension (not just the heroine being a standoffish bitch anymore). This had me thinking it was a 3 star book.But then the heroine wasn't a bitch anymore, and he was being a major bastard.What she was forced to do sucked, but it wasn't her fault. I don't like when a heroine has to chase after and fight for a guy who doesn't deserve her or her guilt.... and we're back to 2 stars!

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4,5*whoah thank you Ella Frank, you just restore my faith in hetero romance erotica!!

Loved this story and series! Ella Frank has a gift with words!

Loved it.

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