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Eye Of The Witch (2009)

Eye of the Witch (2009)

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A detective story with a paranormal interest. This is the second book in the series apparently and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Good story line with a hint of humour, and some great characters. It starts with three women who apparently have committed suicide but upon investigation by retired cop Detective Marcella, the three women had a connection to do with witchcraft and were all killed by the same method which is not obvious due to lots of very clever twists with a very good "unexpected" ending. My curiosity is definitely piqued and I shall now read book 1 in the series. I found this story very boring. I did manage to finish it though with no real issues, so I'm not sure what made it easier than other boring books I've suffered through?! What year was this story suppose to be taking place in? Some clues we're given and are as follows:-"the last suicide in New Castle was back in '52." But then, at one point Lilith thinks Tony is accusing her of having something to do with Gordon's suicide. The 'last suicide'.-Tony had been going to the Percolater to get coffee when it cost only a nickel.-"A faint chalk line in the approximate shape of a human body..." (Which I'm pretty sure they don't do anymore.)-There is internet use. Although Tony has only been retired for a year, he seems to have no clue as to all the internet can provide or how to use it?!- The use of the word 'retarded.' When it's not politically correct to use.How old was Carlos? I ask because there's a part where he tells Tony that he needs his help because "he's old school..." giving the impression that Carlos hasn't been 'at it' that long. Yet, Carlos and Tony had worked together for 30 years prior to Tony's retirement. Leaving the prior statement void. I can assume that Carlos is at least 50 right? But why did the author make him seem like such a moron and almost immature like? IDK if he had ADD or something along those lines because there were times throughout where he didn't see to follow what was going on around him, conversation wise.Given the fact that Karen Webber was dead, why would the police not have looked at her phone records sooner? Isn't that a standard thing to do? There's the place setting for 2 people, how would that not have raised a flag? Especially given the fact that she didn't seem like the type to take her own life? And when they're wondering whether the door was busted in or not? Wouldn't that normally be on the police report? Yet, it wasn't. Karen Webber. "Maybe the medical examiner took the wording too literally. If it said...'We broke in...'" Why would that have effected the medical examiner or their ruling? I didn't get that. What was with Tony and his stomach issues, I guess they were? Not being hungry? One time he orders just a piece of toast and coffee. Then he's heading to the hotel he's staying at and thinks that maybe he'll get something to eat. "The thought of it still made me queasy." Also the grapefruit and guava thing. What was that about?The 'Research Center' is brought up so many times. Given what I read in this book (skipped over the first one, no reason there as to why, just got the 'free' second story on amazon), there had been some supernatural type testing on a group of people. They talk about all the weird stuff they saw during the first book too. Yet, in this one there wasn't really much of anything supernatural related. Besides the very end with Lilith (or the fact that she was a witch, although she didn't really do anything supernatural per se) and Tony, it was all talk. IDK, I guess I saw the word 'witch' in the title and thought there would have been more supernatural related stuff in the story. My mistake.I never understood what the big deal with Tony holding onto the Lilith's witch's ladder was? He obviously had a thing for her, which personally seemed kinda gross. He's 64 and she LOOKS like a teenager? Ew!Bridget Dean. "They may have videotape of the incident." (That being her death.) But again, why would they have not tried to get the video sooner? Oh they did apply for it already, at least the medical examiner did. But WHY exactly is the question? And why wouldn't Carlos or Dominic aka 'the know it all', have already known this? How did the video of Bridget dying "...appear cut-and-dry..." She walks out of her office, you can kind of see her reflection, you hear the gun go off and she's dead. If she was going to kill herself, why would she have done it in the hall and not in her office?What was the point of Courtney lying to Carlos and Tony about Anna? Saying that she moved back home to Alabama but then changing it to Alaska? It's not like no one knew she was dead. Stupid character I guess?How did they ever really consider Piakowski as a killer? At least with the 3 'suicides'? I didn't get that. The few times Piakowski opens his mouth, only stupidity comes out. They really thought he was smart enough to kill 3 people and get away with it? Leaving no clues? I don't think so.Benny. "If I know his type, we'll have a confession out of him in the first hour." Huh? Why would Carlos think that? And what 'type' does Benny fit under? Also, I'm pretty sure given the fact that he was autistic, counsel would have been a major requirement, whether he wanted it or not.So they find out about the crawl spaces or whatever. Common sense would have told me that Tony, Carlos or Dominic would have had the forensic people go up there first, BEFORE one of them crawled up there.When Tony is talking to Carlos on the phone, first bringing up the crawl space question. Tony asks Carlos if there's a hole anywhere on the ceiling. There is. We're told that Carlos uses a broom to move/lift the cover hatch/door, and somehow he's able to see all the space available while still standing on the floor. Yet, he has to find a bunch of stuff to actually get up there? Was Carlos wearing stilts for a little bit there, but then maybe one broke? Karen had the hard drive or whatever it was, full of important information. She had it encrypted too. So again with the common sense, why didn't see use a harder password? Considering she was onto something big?Tony returning to a 20'something year old. How in the world would he have been able to explain that? Yeah, Carlos and Dominic seem to know that Lilith is a witch, but it's not a 'whole town' piece of knowledge. The fact the author uses the name Lilith, was also very unoriginal.

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i look forward to reading more. the ending left me with so many questions...

Pretty good, especially for a free book on my Nook

Good story! I'm liking this series!

A free Kindle book from Amazon.

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