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Face The Winter Naked (2010)

Face the Winter Naked (2010)

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0557299349 (ISBN13: 9780557299348)
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About book Face The Winter Naked (2010)

I so enjoyed this book, the characters and the struggles they endured are so typical of life during the depression and even today.Daniel Tomelin and his family are good people who are forced to do whatever it takes to make it, good decisions and bad are shown as are both good and bad people, the story told here reflects the struggles of real life during hard times and while searching for the answers to life's hardest questions Daniel learns the hard way what is really important.Bonnie Turner, my hat is off to you for an excellent read, Thank You. I wasn't sure I could get into this subject matter when I first started, but am glad I stuck with it. I was also glad for the constant POV changes, because if this had been told strictly from LaDaisy's perspective, I would have spent the whole book hating Daniel. Instead, I saw what he was going through and got the reasons for why he left and why he stayed away. People in modern times may not realize that a lot of men really did leave their families during the Depression, and it wasn't because they were eager to be homeless bums or because they wanted to be away from their families. It was to find work. In spite of their desperation, they still had hope that somewhere, in the next town, or the next one after that, things were better, and that if they looked for that place, they might find it. I didn't live in that time myself, but I think the author really nailed it. Well researched, well thought out, well done!

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Relentlessly depressing, from the settings, to the characters, to the adjectives.

Sure glad I didn't live through the depression

good book

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