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Faery Tales And Nightmares (2012)

Faery Tales and Nightmares (2012)
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Faery Tales And Nightmares (2012)
Faery Tales And Nightmares (2012)

About book: I have various feelings depending on the different short stories that were presented in this book.I loved the story of the "Winter's kiss", "Love Struck", and the story " The sleeping girl and the summer king".The rest of the stories bored me and i couldn't thoroughly finish reading them.I'm not really a fan of Niall's storyline or the stories about the dark court.I mainly just skim over them and they don't make too much of an impression on me.Although one story really stood out over the others, the one called "Love struck".I feel as if that story deserves more justice and hope that Melissa will possibly make a book out of a storyline just like it.Overall this book was a motley of different stories and if you're a huge fan of Melissa Marr's Wicked lovely series, and want to know more about the characters then you'll likely enjoy it. Liked the first two short stories, that's it. I just bought it because it was on 'bargain books' section, upon seeing the author, I decided I'll take it for I have seen Melissa in person when she and other authors, like my Favorite: Rachel Caine, came to Pointe-Claire, Quebec. I have never read her books though and that's probably why I didn't like this book that much cause it's a short story collection of her novels.
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I will definitely be looking up more of Melissa Marr's work.
Short stories are difficult. Uninteresting.
For myself- Unread. Read after the series
Not bad...
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