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Fairest, Vol. 3: The Return Of The Maharaja (2014)

Fairest, Vol. 3: The Return of the Maharaja (2014)

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1401245935 (ISBN13: 9781401245931)

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This was a weird one for Fairest, mainly because for a series about the women of Fables this was all about Charming... sigh, it was nice when everyone thought he was dead. In general I'm not 100% sold on the Fairest spin-off. They're fun, but there is no real throughline, it picks and discards random women to focus on. Plus, what's the chronology going on here? Because I read 'Fairest in All the Land' first, because it came out first, but Charming was alive and no explaination was giving, till I read this... unless the individual issues came out first, this was totally confusing to me, but whatever. Also, side rant, I hate how they "ethnically" change the fonts. A new character joins the Fables crew and Prince charming (more or less) comes back. I found that the story was fine, the new character ok (a competent strong character that can stand up for herself and to prince charming is nice but the lack of flaws is a bit annoying) and the returning prince charming somewhat disappointing (he feels more like a prop for the new character than the figure that died in Fables).

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A lost hero returns. No spoilers, just super glad to see him back, his character was missed.

I am considering creating a shelf called "facepalm."Review to come.

By far my favorite of all the Fairest story arcs, so far. :)

i don't know how i feel about this book of fairest tbh

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