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Fall For You (2012)

Fall For You (2012)
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Fall For You (2012)
Fall For You (2012)

About book: I won this ebook in a giveaway and the plot sounded really interesting so I started reading it right away. Now, I realise I should have spent my time reading something better. God, I really disliked this book. First, the title has NOTHING to do with the story. In fact, the romance in the story is ridiculous and doesn't even make sense. The book is too short so everything sounds rushed -- Lizzie's sudden romance with Dante and how she and Anne went from enemies to bffs instantly. Everything is predictable and, all in all, not detailed enough. Even though I also won the second book, I won't be reading it. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I don't usually like classics, but with this book I wasn't sure whether a classic could be re-written to bring in the YA crowd. I found this book to be really well written, nicely placed with the characters. I loved Lizzie's enthusiasm and passion for her newspaper. Wasn't keen on Dante to start off with, but his character kinda grew on me. A really good read in my opinion.
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I would have loved this book in 9th grade. Free on amazon for kindle right now.
I might need to stop reading pride and prejudice. But it was awesome
It is too simple and obvious, just a waste of time.
Is a great book to read
It was cute.
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