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Fall Of Giants (2010)

Fall of Giants (2010)
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0525951652 (ISBN13: 9780525951650)
Dutton Adult
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Fall Of Giants (2010)
Fall Of Giants (2010)

About book: What I love the most about Winter of the World is how Follett weaves this fantastic web of characters and how their lives are from all different walks of life, and how they interact in almost a serendipitous way. This story is so captivating because it is narrated from several different character points of view, and both historical fictions take place during very turbulent times. As the reader, you get to experience what life was like from several different walks of life, ones that I never even paid much mind to before either. This story is heavy and will leave you feeling a bit emotionally raw, but it's about WWII and that is a heavy subject. It's well worth the read, especially if you love history. It was okay, not (nowhere near!) as good as the best of Follett but it's an interesting read. Will I read the other two books in the trilogy? Probably, but I won't be rushing to move them up the "to read" pile...when I get to them, I get to them. I am afraid there is a fair bit of cashing in on the old reputation for KF here. A quick few million off the final literary hat trick and a respectable retirement. You can't really blame him for mailing it in this one last time.
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Tolles Buch, aber mit Längen. Ich habe mehrere Anläufe gebraucht, um es zu Ende zu lesen.
Not on par with his other books. Disappointing
Century Trilogy #1
april 16 2015 max
Loved it
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