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Fallen Angel Of Mine (2012)

Fallen Angel of Mine (2012)

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0985018135 (ISBN13: 9780985018139)
Raven House

About book Fallen Angel Of Mine (2012)

This third installment of the Overworld Chronicles is packed full of action and is seriously entertaining. You will not want to stop reading, even at the end of the book. Lucky for us, there is more to come.Once again our hero, Justin, is overcoming the odds and fighting for his life and his love, this time with the fate of the world on his shoulders. I love that we can mark Justin's character development throughout this series, from nerdy high school student to hero. He has had to go through many challenges to get where he is now, but his character has not changed, and he is an overall good guy, the kind of guy that is easy to like and easier to love. When you pick up this book, prepared to be entertained, prepare to be enchanted, and prepare to laugh out loud. This series is a must read! Ok this will be my first review on Goodreads and i think the first review i ever made so keep that in your minds and be kind.I've bought this book last night and finished it a few hours ago.I just couldn't put it down, often reading and re-reading passages because they were just what i've been looking for.I'm mostly an UF reader and this is my first YA series but this series was the best i've read so far and i've been through quite a few famous authors.I'm not going to spoil it to you the story as always had it ups and downs, ecstasy and agony, heartwarming and painful moments.I love everything about this series. The characters, the setting, the story. I'm a helpless romantic and i love it when i find series with dynamic couples like Elysse and Justin or Tavi and Kitai who openly admit they're love for each other numerous times during the story.Best series so far and i hope Mr. Corwin publishes even more books in this series than Butcher in Dresden Files - another series i love.Have a nice lecture.

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I don't want it to be over! Hurry!!! Finish the next one!

Oh, Justin...Good stuff John Corwin!

can't wait for the next one!

couldn't put it down!!

Loved it!

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