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Fallen Crest Alternative Version (2000)

Fallen Crest Alternative Version (2000)

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Well I finally managed to encourage myself to take a chance with this alternative version. It does in fact fall off the pages that were originally written for a continuation off of Fallen Crest High (Better known as Fallen Crest Public). It still rankles me that there even had to be an alternative version made for a book who had already 7 chapters written and then all of a sudden was scraped. For that, I do believe she owes me the $3.99 I paid for that one. With that being said, this is a better book than her Fallen Crest Family was. I didn't nearly want to rip out my after the first few chapters. There were still issues that were contained in here that didn't sit well for me. The major one is the fact Sam is STILL crying a lot. 26% and she was already into her third one. I didn't like how all this issues were over blown and really didn't make a farts butt whether her character should have even concerned herself with half of the issues. I almost wanted to swear again when the ex, Jeff, and his cheating on someone else came into play. Tijan did pull out of that one and I wonder if she at some point realized, as she was writing, that that was just too much Sam's character would have invested in. It really comes down to the fact that all the issues aren't really that big and are being blown overboard there. I mean, Sam's character had turned off that caring switch all together in the first book to do the opposite now? Doesn't really fit for me.About 80% of the way in I started to think that all this drama wasn't being resolved and only rehashing the same issues over from the first book. I did also want to point out that the Logan angle in here didn't reach the level it should have. We left the first book with evidence of Logan's attraction to Sam. But in this book, there were zero signs. The was no actions or behavior in Logan's character to make that plausible or apparent at all. In fact, there were barely any interactions between Sam and Logan all together. The written dialog made it sound as if Logan really in love with her. I didn't buy it. Most of this book, Logan is off screwing some (even multiple) girl in one night setting. No staring blankly at her, no awkwardness, no glimpse of a look, a linger here or there, no off handed comment or two. Just nothing. It just fell flat there.I also found that some conversations left me trying to understand why they were even having a discussion at all. The actions and dialog lacked at points where I was left wondering what's the point or why are they fighting this issue? The Becky and Adam drama is really getting annoying for my taste. I did like the Rex input in here. That helped... a lot. But then that even that fell off too.But most irritating, was the sudden adding and than dropping off of characters. We constantly get introduced to all these side characters with all the importance and having no substantial use for them in this book. Tate came back into play and I almost couldn't even remember her role in the first one. I had read almost 70% of the book thinking that Kate was Tate until the actual name Tate came up. Than I was like "Ah... that was her name". Another one, the first part of the book Garret was there, then nothing... Well nothing meaningful or remotely close to reasonable. He stated that he loved Sam and really genuinely came off as wanting to be in her life. Than we put in the wife, and suddenly I am wondering why Garret had moved at all. Then his estranged wife shows up and she just leaves her life back home to move in with him? I don't get it. It doesn't resolve it remotely here either.Over all, this book left it open ended for many questions as to whether there is another alternative version book 3 to come after this or does this story actually weave back into the current ongoing one? I can't fathom this alternative version just ends here because it isn't close to neatly tying off all it's loose ends. I did appreciate the fact we didn't get into that crazy stupid drama with her mom, like it did in her other book. But Sam's character is still off from her original self. Anyway, it still was better than the second book of this series, but I am far from feeling comfortable about continuing to invest in this story. I love the Kades and Tijan does write a good story line. But she continues to trip over herself with these personality behaviors. With those, she falls right in step with all the other self publish writers when it comes to her characters remaining in character/constant through their words, behavior, and actions through out the entire story. This doesn't apply to character evolving over a period of time. It specifically is in the personality traits of a character's basic make up. For all those stories, they just always morph into the same cookie cutout of a storm trooper. I do believe this happens or plagues more to writers who are writting more than just one book at a time. You can definitely see the similarities between this version and the official version//It's amazing really, I never figured one storyline could be portrayed so differently. I'm glad she didn't go with this one though, just cos this one cuts of all the loose ends, and kinda ends everything.I want Logan to do something, not just ignore his feelings...but loved the part where she runs away and the boys reactions, that was great :DUm, awesome!!! I'm so glad Tijan put this out, It was a really nice read.... if you do read this though, READ THE OFFICIAL STORY FIRST. Kinda obvious, but you kinda have to point it out.

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