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Fallen Fourth Down (2000)

Fallen Fourth Down (2000)

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About book Fallen Fourth Down (2000)

Still the same angsty vibes that we get from each book without the shitload of new characters that are introduced every time. I approve of this change, since many times I couldn't remember who was who while reading the books.We get a glimpse of the douchebags and the idiots from the previous installments, but in this book what took center stage was relationship and character development. Nothing major that could be considered plot twist occured, but the plot was still entertaining. Even if I wanted to, I don't think I could ever stop reading this series (or any Tijan book that I start). The writing and the plotlines are so compelling and addictive that once you start, you can never go back. IT'S OFFICIAL: I'M IN LOVE WITH MASON KADE!I feel like I am 18 again! :D Seriously!While reading the book, I thought: Oh my gosh, there is no man in this world , who is like Mason!And then reality hit me! HARD!But in a good way :DMy boyfriend always was the asshole, he never gave a damn about girls in a girlfriend kind of way.He became my best friend and after a year our bestfriend status turned into boyfriend/girlfriend status:)He was soo hot and I never had problems with girls threatening me (haha), but I met a lot of stupid ones ,who suddenly wanted to be buddy-buddy with me and invited us to partys even though i never really knew them.One of the girls had a boyfriend and came to my boyfriend and she was like: Oh you are soooo beautiful! HahahaI mean- I felt honored, but seriously?!?!:DWhatever... Mason is awesome :P and I always had my own kind of Mason :D:D

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Wow. Too many things went on and you'd wonder if it's all even possible to happen.

These books are the absolute best!

3.5 Stars

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