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Fallen Hearts (1990)

Fallen Hearts (1990)
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Fallen Hearts (1990)
Fallen Hearts (1990)

About book: I haven't quite finished reading this book yet, but am beginning to wonder if I ever will. I can't say I hate it or that I love it just have some mixed feelings about it. It has seemingly taken me forever to get through Fallen Hearts. I told myself at first it was because during the course of reading it, my condo flooded and I had to move out for a few days while the place was being dried out. But that can't be right. My temporary home had no access to my computer with all it's games, videos and other distractions, and I also had no access to some of my favourite TV channels and shows, so what better time than to sit back and forget about the stress of being without a home than with a good book. That's when it began to dawn on me that this isn't my idea of a good book. As I said it wasn't all bad. While the premise was there, the continuation of Heaven's story, her marriage, moving back to Farthy, there was plenty of drama going on, especially with Fanny in the story, but it just didn't seem to be well put together. I know this was the ghostwriter's first crack at VC Andrews style and tried to give him leeway on some things, but as when I first read this when I was a teen (oh so long ago) I didn't enjoy this book and couldn't get into it. Here's some of what made it tough to read on. Heaven was not the same person I remembered her to be and said and did things totally not within her character from the first two books. Logan, I hated Logan since the end of Heaven when he ran away from Heaven. How stupid are you that you think your girlfriend being taken advantage of, basically raped, by her foster father is her betraying you with another man? I'm still not totally sure why she not only took him back but also married him and as the book goes on I question that decision more and more and look forward to what I know will happen to Logan in the next book. I really wish Fanny would've either grown or matured a bit, or at least that Heaven would finally give up on her. She has broken her trust and broken her heart so many times but yet she won't give up on Fanny. There were inconsistencies in the book as well, like Troy and what exactly happened to him in Dark Angel, and Jillian and her fate which I don't think fit with her character from Dark Angel. Tony remains the same and unfortunately I think he stays that way for the rest of the series. I'll continue to try to get through this just a short bit to go. I seem to remember I liked Gates of Paradise a little better so hopefully I'll soon be able to put Fallen Hearts away and let it collect dust, should I ever get an urge to read this book again I'll remember to read this review first and stop myself.

Doubtless Fallen Hearts might have been a bit different if VCA had been able to finish this story before her untimely death. Neiderman didn't keep all the facts straight from Dark Angel, as the exact details of Troy's death/return, and nearer the end of Fallen Hearts, the writing feels a bit more distinctly different.However, this is still a decent continuation of the Casteel saga. Having the truth revealed (that Leigh wasn't the little tramp that Troy made her out to be) felt good. I know some VCA fans might disagree, but it felt somehow appropriate to me that Heaven would be with Troy one last time. I was disappointed that Luke suddenly died, though. It seemed like such an 'convenient' death so Neiderman wouldn't have to work with him anymore. A definite good read even if not up to the par of a 100% VCA book.
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2.5 stars on this one. Still CRAZY (eww, Heaven's father/step-grandfather put the moves on her, and there's courtroom drama, straight out of a soap opera!) but by this third book in the series, you're starting to roll your eyes a little. I can't really put my finger on Logan's character--first book he's sweet, second book he acts like a jerk, and then this third one...sure he's married Heaven, but he's a little too eager to adopt the wealthy lifestyle, AND he sleeps with Fanny (who is not only H
Sandra Durand
Ok, the plot was good for this third installment of the Casteel series. I enjoyed it. It started out just a bit slow, but then things started to get pretty interesting in the middle of the book. I have to say that most of the storyline was unpredictable. I like Heaven's character. I think she's not afraid to speak her mind, but sometimes she shows a softer side. For instance, she was too soft when it came to Luke's character. The man whom she thought was her father never loved her, yet she put t
There is so much happening in this book. So many secrets coming out in the open, the way the book ends would be enough to end the whole series, but there are still two books left. I haven’t really read many sagas before, and I’ve noticed while reading this that they are kind of like soap-operas, only books not tv.I did enjoy the book. Fanny has been a horrible girl throughout the series, and even now as an adult she hasn’t changed and she goes about things in bad ways. Unfortunately people are like her.I’m looking forward to reading the last two books of this saga, but at the same time I’m looking forward to finishing it... too much drama!
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