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Falling For Love (2012)

Falling for Love (2012)

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Marie Sullivan Force

About book Falling For Love (2012)

Grant returns early for his sister's wedding hoping to reconcile with his longtime girlfriend Abby. Finally realizing things haven't been good for so long he now realizes he wants her back. Abby has moved on and is now engaged to the local doctor and is no longer in love with Grant. Trying to make her jealous, he uses Stephanie. It ends up biting him in the butt big time. Stephanie knows that she is being used but she can't help herself with Grant. She'll use him right back. She is here only temporarily and then she's back to the mainland to continue the fight for her step-father.Grant was a character that went from clueless to finally getting it together. Stephanie was good for him because she challenged him. Good continuing story of all the family members. Glad to see Ned and Francine coming together. Cousin Laura I'm sure will be getting her story too. This was one of my top favorites in this series. The McCarthy's are a wonderful clan and love each other dearly.Grant McCarthy, Academy Award Winner for best screenplay a few years back, is at a dead standstill. He can't write. He let the love of his life, Abby, leave and go back home after ten years together, and now she is engaged to another. He decides he needs to go home and make amends.Grant is filling in for his brother at their marina on Gansett Island and there he meets Stephanie, a young girl with a lot of problems.Along comes Tropical Storm Hailey and the town is basically shut down.Will Abby choose to take Grant back? If not, what will he do now? Will Stephanie continue to face her troubles alone or will there be help from an unexpected source?I highly recommend this book. I could not put it down and read it in one setting.

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This has been a great series so far.. I have enjoyed these books a lot..

I LOVE all of these people!!!!

Amazing :-)

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