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Falling In Between (2000)

Falling in Between (2000)

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Jenna and Chase both die a minute apart, and are irrecoverably bound together. Jenna volunteers at the local hospital, where she finds something which will change her life. This book wasn't very well written and didn't interest me as much as I would have liked it to. However I liked the idea of the plot, but wasn't expressed properly.This book was reasonable and is sadly not an anomaly in YA books, many authors don't write YA books to the best of their ability. Falling in between was a fast read, mostly because it was so short but also because it had an addictive quality to it. There wasn't exactly a plot but i still liked it.Jenna was one of those heroines where i wasnt sure if i liked her or not. She didnt half piss me off at times, but on the other hand she wasn't a raving bitch, so......good enough. The author seemed to have an obssession with the characters 'huffing', seriously every fecking few pages it was 'huff' at this and 'huff' at that blah blah blah HUFF FECKING HUFF! It really started to bother me after a while, but not enough to make me knock a star off.Then there's the choice between Chance (Evan) or Robert, i had a hard time deciding which one i liked best. In the end, even though Robert was so sweet and everything, i still liked Chance a little more, personally, that doesnt mean i think she made the wrong choice, i think she made the right one for her at the time. There is aways the sequel after all.One other thing that kind of bothered me was the lack of explaination, we never found out WHY they could get into eachothers heads, i didn't get angry about the lack of information but it still would have been good to get some sort of clue. Maybe the next book will shed some light on it.

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