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Familiar Ground (2014)

Familiar Ground (2014)

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Michelle Lynn

About book Familiar Ground (2014)

*This book was provided by the publisher/author to Nerd Girl Official for an honest review.Let me first start by saying that drug addiction is hard. It's a hard demon to be around, a hard demon to witness and an even harder demon to live with. BUT in this stand alone novel by Michelle Lynn it becomes especially hard for the main characters because they deal with the loss of one, the addiction of another and the beautiful outcome of the union. Adam's sister dies from her drug addiction, Leah's brother returns battling his and needs help with the baby girl the two had. Can Adam and Leah come together to raise Dani? Will the emotions blur? Will the beautiful spirit of their niece bring the family together and help them heal?The book was well written. It touched on a lot of emotions and demons that are prevalent during and after a battle of addiction. The content yes is for mature audiences but it’s not over the top. The characters are 3 dimensional and real and the contemporary world of a drug user is not unrealistic. The issues are there and are beautifully flawed. Michelle evoked emotions that a reader forgets that they have. The book is gut wrenching and emotional. Well done Michelle. I tip my Nerd Girl Hat to you. Note: Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official. For more information regarding reviews please visit NerdGirlOfficial(dot)com Familiar Ground is a book where a topic that affects a lot of families is explored and it teaches you that life can throw you a difficult task but you always have someone on your side. Having a family member with a drug addiction not only destroys the addict's life but also all the members of their family.Leah Thomas was a young college student and a dance teacher job, she is a beautiful girl but with a secret that only her boyfriend knows about it. Adam McAllister is a young gorgeous man, with a burden too heavy to bare, but what can he do. Cassie is his younger sister and no matter how many times he says "This is the last time" he knows he will always help her.When Adam gets a horrible phone call in the middle of the night he knows that can be either good news or the one phone call he's affraid of.Leah is taken to a new level of resposabilities when her younger brother Shane, give her custody of his 3 yr old niece. At the same time Adam finds out he has a niece as well. Dani is Cassie and Shane's daughter making Adam and Leah Dani's aunt and uncle.Together Leah and Adam will work hard to keep Dani save, but can they keep the feelings they are developing for each other save for Dani's sake? or Will the sad history will keep them a part?This is a beautiful story. I will recommend this book and you will not be disappointed once you start reading it!!!

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Very real emotional story. Michelle Lynn did not disappoint!

It was okay. It dragged in places, but it was fine.

Great read!

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