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Fatal Affair (2010)

Fatal Affair (2010)

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1426890265 (ISBN13: 9781426890260)
Carina Press

About book Fatal Affair (2010)

Detective Sgt. Samantha Holland is given the lead ont he Senator John O'Connor homicide investigation. Senator O'Connor's body was discovered by this Chief of Staff and best friend, Nick Cappuano. Sam wonders if Nick will be a major obstacle in solving this murder since she had a one night stand with him six years ago. As Sam uncovers the details and secrets of Senator O'Connor's life, Nick helps her with the investigation. But concentrating on the case is not easy when her feelings for Nick keep coming to the surface.The first book in Marie Force's Fatal series is a winner. We have a solid mystery, great romance and well developed characters. Although there wasn't a lot of suspense in it, the story has the feel of a police procedural since we see the investigation step by step. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. My rating: 4.5 Stars. FATAL AFFAIR was a engaging romantic suspense novel that reminded me, in lots of ways, of J. D. Robb's In Death series. Sam Holland is a police sergeant for the DC Metro police. She is dealing with the fallout of the death of a child in a raid on a meth house and is given the case of the death of a senator to, hopefully, save her career. However, the senator's chief of staff is Nick Cappuano. The two of them have a history. Six years ago they had a one-night stand that neither of them have been able to forget.The middle of a murder investigation is not really the best time to start a new relationship or to rekindle an old one, but Sam and Nick do despite Sam's best judgment. The case is a tricky one. Was the senator killed by a discarded girlfriend? Was he killed because of an immigration bill that he was pushing? And when Sam is almost killed the questions just continue to grow. Is it because of the meth raid? Is it because she is looking for the senator's killer? Is it her obsessed ex-husband? Sam was a great character. I like her devotion to her father. I liked that she was excelling despite a learning disability. I loved the relationship that Sam has with her partner Freddy. Their banter lightened a story that could have been too grim. And I loved her relationship with Nick who is strong enough to deal with a tough police officer and a sensitive woman. I finished the book and immediately added the rest of the series to my Kindle. I can't wait to find out what happens next for Sam and Nick.

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a page turner that had a very surprising ending.

Nice read. Excellent portrayal of emotions.

Just a fun series for summer

Really enjoying this series.

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