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Fateful (2012)

Fateful (2012)
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Fateful (2012)
Fateful (2012)

About book: 3.5 stars.... Idk this book took a really long time for me to get into. It took me over three months to read this book, which is completely crazy concidering I finish books within two or three days. It was partially my fault because I had so many other books I put in front of this and so I didn't truly get to appreciate this book. I loved the historical feel of this and the titanic effect. I liked Tess and her point of view. The strong independence and self-assurance. This was overall a good read I guess, not a recommendation that flows off the tounge but I enjoyed it, especially the second half! Fateful... Fateful... dear Claudia GrayDear Claudia Gray, can you give me a part of your talent?? Thank you, so much, you are so polite!A parte questa buffa premessa in inglese, ero incerta se dare 4 o 5 stelle a quello libro. Ho deciso di darne 4 perché: -E' uno dei pochi libri auto-conclusivi che trovo in circolazione (nuovi) -La traduzione è davvero molto buona (Mondadori, cosa ci si può aspettare?) -La scrittrice ha un talento eccezionale, compresso, ma eccezionale –MA la trama è un po' banale Ed effettivamente, la storia non è molto originale, si parla di licantropi, confraternite e Titanic... quindi, ma comunque la bravura della Gray lo rende davvero un ottimo libro che possono leggere tutti, tutti, ma proprio tutti!
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Typical overused story of romance between girl and werewolf, but still a pretty good read
So much better than what I've expected.
3.5 stars
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