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Feeling Hot (2012)

Feeling Hot (2012)

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1619210924 (ISBN13: 9781619210929)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

About book Feeling Hot (2012)

Oh yeah! Elle Kennedy strikes again! I love her books but the downside is they end. Cash and Jen are great! Yes another Navy Seal with a bunch of really sexy friends. Elle really pushes the sexual WAAAAYYY beyond other authors but this book, really no words.......quite the erotica. Not for the faint of heart for sure. I will say that her words draw out visuals that kinda took my breath away!Characters were awesome I really loved Cash.....soooo sexy, ah some definite kink but Jen young and funny and curious. Makes for a really excellent read. Cash and Jen meet while hiding put on a bar storeroom. Each for different reasons. Cash is a SEAL and wants to her away from a groupie. Jen is celebrating her friends new position at her job. Only problem is Jen just lost her job due to a crazy stalker ex boyfriend. They get interrupted before they go too far. Jen gives Cash her number and leaves. He is really happy to meet her and can't wait to call her but the rainstorm he gets caught in drenches the paper with her number on it. Now he has no way to find her. Next his CO Carson tells him that he needs a safe place for his little sister to stay. Cash really doesn't have a chance at saying no. And it comes with the ultimatum that he better not touch his sister. Only his sister is Jen. Oh yeah the sparks fly and he caves into her in just two days. Now to stay ahead of her crazy ex and her brother. This is such a fun book I went out and downloaded the first 5 books in this series.

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This is another series that gets longer and better as it goes on.

Will read rest of series. HOT!

Darn I love Cash... :3

3.5 stars

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