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Felices Por Siempre Jamás (2014)

Felices por siempre jamás (2014)
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841625608X (ISBN13: 9788416256082)
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Felices Por Siempre Jamás (2014)
Felices Por Siempre Jamás (2014)

About book: I'm completely shocked at how all these books have teenagers who can just travel anywhere they want. Is it like that everywhere or am I living underground and poorly? Josh and Isla are both spontaneous and kind of crazy, but entirely real. Etienne was too perfect, Cricket was too tolerant, but Josh had obvious and apparent flaws. So did Isla, who is basically any normal girl confronted under certain circumstances. And it works, it bloody works. Hopefully we can say the same for real life. It will make you do a sigh at the end of it all. I know I did. THIS BOOK MADE ME SO GODDAMN HAPPY!!! Oh it was just so good and so adorable, a perfect ending to the trilogy. I loved Josh and Isla together.Anna and the French Kiss is still my favourite, with Isla and Lola equal second. The part with Anna and Etienne (if you've read the book you know which part I mean!) had me squealing with happiness.Ah, I was just left feeling all warm inside when I finished this book :D
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It took me only a few pages to fall in love with this book, and of course Josh.
awww wow this book was so cute. I love it.
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