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Felix (2000)

Felix (2000)

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Felix by Elizabeth Reyes4 StarsI was so much looking forward to sinking my teeth into the final book in this series. I have read them all and could not get enough. However, this last installment left me a little flat. Not that it wasnt good because it wa,s it just was missing something that I thought the last book would have. The storyline packed a punch towards the end but not the punch I would have liked to have been spilled on the pages of the last book. Felix is on a tailspin still from losing Bianca and his title and is on the road to self destruction. Booze, drugs, women.....lots of women. He is making a name for himself in the tabloids and not a good one. We find out later in the book another reason that is adding to his nightly debauchery and I will say it totally took me by surprise and gave Felix a softer side that I didnt know he was capable of having.Ella, a new addition to 5th Street gym has had a lifetime of pain. From losing her mother to having her brother get in trouble after his girlfriend was raped and he beat to death the person who did it...(yes, it did get a little depressing seeing all this YOUNG girl had been through) oh, and did I mention that her father has become somewhat of a hoarder since his wife died and their house is filled with junk? And to add a big fat red cherry on top, she has an ex-boyfriend who is a cop Grayson, who she feels indebted to stay friendly with because of all the help he gave her family when her brother was arrested after his girlfriends rape.As you can guess, Felix and Ella meet. Ella is very aware of who Felix is and the trail of wreckage that has been following him but it still gives her butterflies to see the hot, alpha boxer up close and personal. Felix is ready to give up all the women and booze for Ella and proclaims his love for her, basically begging for a chance. This part of the story was where I found myself skipping a few pages here and there....there relationship came about soooo quickly, Felix became the model boyfriend, Grayson interfered and tried to talk Ella out of being with Felix and Ella well......she was just so wishy washy about telling Grayson to beat it and kick rocks!! I wanted to scream at times... He is YOUR EX and is basically hiding behind his badge stalking you, playing on your guilt for all he has done to help your family and you are falling for it dumb dumb....For as strong willed, determined, thick skinned and mature the author wanted us to think Ella was, this part of the story was a huge contradiction and made me want to slap her.Girl, he is your EX for a reason....kick him to the curb and go jump on your hot, ripped, famous boxer boyfriend who wants to give up the plethera of vagina falling at his feet. UGH!!! It really is a bunch of up's and down's until almost the end when two huge bombs are dropped. One is a secret that Felix has been dealing with and another is a situation that needs to be dealt with immediately and will be a huge obstacle to overcome. A diagnosis. Will Grayson get the hint and leave Ella and Felix alone or will Felix have to beat his a$$? Will Ella grow some "ladyballs" and tell him once and for all to get lost? Will Felix win back his title? Will they make it when their lives are turned upside down? This book does have a happy ending and like I said, it was good....just not great. I look forward to reading more from this author though! Felix a former champion fighter has been living the high life with out a worry of what he did. He is Felix Sanchez and no one tells him how to live his life. All of that not caring comes to a halt when he meets the woman that shows him that he his more than his reputation, more than his title, that his simply MORE.Ella has suffered loss at an early age, her sister to a gang shooting and her mother to cancer. Her brothers girlfriend was brutally attacked. Though out her trauma, she has risen above to become an advocate for crime all at a relatively young age. Running a self defense class at the 5th street gym, she has managed to avoid meeting Felix Sanchez, The Felix Sanchez.This story was perfection, they meet with mutual admiration is the first thing that they feel. The Feelings of admiration begin to change to friendship. Friendship to more than caring, then love.Past hurts of betrayal and loss threaten to come between them, refusing to let it happen they opt for complete honesty. This helps build a strong and beautiful relationship. With more struggles ahead the love they have for each other becomes stronger.I loved reading it and believe me I couldn't put it down. This is the first book of the 5th Street series that I have read, but I get the connection all the guys play with each other. The bond they share as more than friends.. a FAMILY. I am now going to be doing a 5th street marathon. You can read Felix as a stand alone but I guarantee that you will want to know more about the men of 5th Street!

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I'm a big fan of the 5th Street Series and I loved this last book.

Five beautifully amazing stars!! Sighhhhhhh..

Expected publication: November 13th 2014

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