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Fiber & Brimstone (2011)

Fiber & Brimstone (2011)

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0425244024 (ISBN13: 9780425244029)

About book Fiber & Brimstone (2011)

Fiber & Brimstone by Laura Childs shows why the best place to be on Halloween is in New Orleans. I love the references to New Orleans food specialties, history that is full ghosts and creatures, and fun celebrations. There were too many parties for me. But it was interesting to see a different side to Carmela and Ava. It must have been Halloween that brought out their dark side.The murder was secondary to the characters. I like the murder weapon for the first one. The scrapbooking tips were in keeping with the Halloween theme and I would like to try the Neon Voodoo Cocktail. I got a little irritated that Carmela and her boyfriend didn’t try to understand each other.I think that what I like the best about this series is the theme about the uniqueness of New Orleans. The story kept me reading but how do they have energy for all those parties? Love this series but getting a little tired of the boyfriend/girlfriend fighting. Is it just me or do they seem like a very unlikely couple? Also, not a big fan of all the loose ends left in this book. Such as the contest from the newspaper. Do they ever even get close? Why were there SO MANY clues left for this "treasure" but then they never find it and it gets used as a measure to get them caught up with the bad guys? HUH? Kinda weird. Still always hungry after I read these books and dying to try some Gumbo.

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Another enjoyable installment. Good cozy mystery-- I love the characters and setting.

Cozy mystery set around a scrapbooking shop in New Orleans. Colorful characters.

Love the scrapbooking tips and Naw'lans recipes

A fun Halloween mystery, light and easy.

Quick read. Predictable.

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