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Fifteen Animals! (2008)

Fifteen Animals! (2008)

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0761130667 (ISBN13: 9780761130666)
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About book Fifteen Animals! (2008)

A little boy has many pet animals, and he has a very unique way of naming them.This is my first of what I'm sure will turn out to be many reviews of Sandra Boynton's books. This one was a library discovery and it's already a favorite. It's a combination of many great children's book features: it's a counting book, an animal book, and it has a great rhythm and theme of repetition, not to mention a great punchline. The Boy (almost 18 months) loves saying "Bob" and occasionally offering up the animal sounds the various pets make.Also, apparently there's a companion song somewhere online, but if it's the one I found and listened to briefly I would probably rather not get that particular tune/voice in my head when I read this book. My son and I heard the song associated with this book first and loved it. When I got the book, we were able to have pictures to go along with the song and sing the story. The board book is more than just a counting book, it is a silly fun story. The boy in the story has 15 animals and all are named Bob except the turtle. The illustrations are easy to recognized as Sandra Boynton's work. I would highly recommend downloading the song that goes with this book and using them together for some silly fun with your baby or toddler.

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Good fun. There's a song, but we didn't like it much, so we make up our own.

A wonderful little counting book, with a twist at the end.

Typical hilarious Boynton!

A gift from Mommy.

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