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Fighting Redemption (2013)

Fighting Redemption (2013)

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Yet another popular book I didn't like. Seriously, what's wrong with me? I want to find other authors who've disliked the same popular books I dislike and find out what they're reading and maybe I'll find a hit.Anyway, this book kept coming up on my list of recommendations and I kept putting it off because my husband is active duty Army in an SF unit and come on...I read to get away, not remind myself of reality. Plus the fact that I'm SUPER picky about any movie/book that has to do with the military and I usually end up disappointed. I finally decided to give it a try. I liked it at first. I liked Fin and her and Ryan's "romance" as teenagers was sweet. I didn't like the constant cursing but hey, that's just me. I pushed on anyway. It went wrong for me when Ryan comes home after the 6 years apart and there's almost instant touching. Ryan can't keep his hands off her and I guess I felt like if he could hang around her as a teenager and do/say nothing, he could've for a few days after getting home and not seeing her in 6 years. But anyway. I DNF'd at about 32% because, frankly, I was bored. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for a sad love story anymore, but the two didn't keep me interested. I had started the book prepared to read a military romance that would break my heart, and I guess I decided I didn't want that anymore. Like I said, I like to escape reality. All of these reasons that I stopped reading are personal opinions, and I'll say that the writing is good and I can see from what little I read why people love this book. It just wasn't my personal cup of tea. I had high expectations for this book, given all the 5 star reviews. I felt this book was heartbreaking and frustrating, and I was really worried about how it was going to end. Ryan was so broken, and both himself and Fin kept going back and forth between pushing each other away and then wanting nothing more than to be together, like I said, frustrating. There were some really good characters, Jake and Kyle were among my favorites. This book tore at my heartstrings but had an ending that I was much more ok with than I thought I would be, so it gets 4 stars, but I don't think I'll put myself through reading it again.

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DNF at 28%, no depth, sorry. Lazy, dry writing. Shallow characters.

Amazing! Absolutely amazing!!

Loved this one!!


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