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Finding Perfect (2010)

Finding Perfect (2010)

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Fool's Gold #3Crystal left Pia her three frozen embryos. Pia thought she was getting Jake the cat. Pia is stunned. She doesn't know what to think. It spills over into her meeting with a new to town business owner Raoul Moreno. He is so kind to her. After a couple of meetings where they seem to talk about Pia's dilemma, Raoul realizes that he knew Crystal's husband Keith. He was with Keith in Afghanistan when he died. He held him while he died. Raoul decides that if Pia goes ahead and gets pregnant with the embryos he will be her pregnancy buddy.She gets implanted and he proposes. She is practical and says yes because she knows that she will need somebody. Is this the right thing to do?? Will Pia regret it?This is a sweet story. Pia's best friend has died and left her frozen embryos to her. When she decides to follow her friend's wishes and have the babies, she gets an offer to be her "pregnancy buddy" from former NFL quarterback Raoul. Both Pia and Raoul are attracted to each other but neither wants to risk their heart.I have read many of Fool's Gold's later novels and loved them. I decided to go back and read book from the beginning of the series. They are just as good as the newer ones. I like to you can read them out of order and not feel like you've missed anything. Fool's Gold is definitely one of my go to series. I'd recommend them to anyone that likes romance novels.

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I love how you get to know the people of fool's gold. I plan to continue to learn about them!

I cried. So loving and warm. I couldn't put it down.

Pia and Raoul

Loved it.

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