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Finding Stefanie (2008)

Finding Stefanie (2008)
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1414310196 (ISBN13: 9781414310190)
Tyndale House Publishers
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Finding Stefanie (2008)
Finding Stefanie (2008)

About book: Stefanie noble feels like she is missing out on life. Both her brothers have someone to love and care for but all she has is the ranch and her love of horses someone to love but not someone to speak back to her. Then 3 runaways come to Montana and she finds herself being their protector. Along with them comes the one person she didn't expect to see again in Montana...Lincoln cash the movie star, but here he is and maybe to stay...she is skeptical. She tries to guard her heart from him, but finds herself unable to resist his allure. Lincoln has a desire to protect Stefanie from the runaways especially Gideon. He sees alot of his past in Gideon. A past that he regrets and one that hurt people. Gideon has hurt people by making bad decisions to steal a car and then let his friends drive drunk hitting and killing a father and daughter. The wife comes to Montana to extract revenge on Gideon. Thefts and vandalism happen around town causing the blame to land on the newcomer Gideon. Then poisoning of dogs. The ultimate is Karen's script to kill off Gideon and his family Stefanie, but LIncoln figures out what is happening and comes to the rescue.Stefanie and Lincoln plan to marry and adopt Macey and Haley and giving Gideon a place to call home.Gideon proves his real character when he puts himself at risk and protects Libby from two that would do harm to her. He ends up in the hospital and that is when social services comes and takes the girls. then rest of the action comes when the premiere for Lincolns movie is in full swing. Third in the Noble series. This author writes a good story. Unexpected twist at the end. I would have made it a four but find some of her concepts on religion way different from mine and it spoils a good book.Stefanie Noble has been a ranch hand on her family ranch since her mother died. Now, at 24, she is wondering if life should hold more. What about her dreams of being a vet, working with horses and children who need help?Lincoln Cash, movie star, decides to host a film festival on his new ranch, neighboring the Noble ranch. A house fire threatens those plans.
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Another good Susan May Warren book.
Great book.
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