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Fire After Dark (2012)

Fire After Dark (2012)

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About book Fire After Dark (2012)

This book was a great read for me. It had the hot male character, the female we all wish to be, the adorable friend and the character we just don't like. Although the story lost me in parts, overall I loved it.The book had a nice plot, and some foreseeable events. I wasn't expecting the speed at which characters change emotions, but I found it refreshing in parts.I cannot wait to start the second book, and continue the journey. Ok, so this is the first book I've reviewed here. Ever. And it's not because I enjoyed it. It's the complete opposite. In fact, the main reason I'm reviewing it is because of the other reviews on it. Everybody seems to LOVE it. And I simply CANNOT understand why. I've read some books recently that really blew me away, and I mean really blew me away, ie changed my whole perspective and turned my world upside down. And even that didn't make me want to review. They got 5 stars and I went off on my way smiling. This, on the other hand.... Where to start???The heroine, Beth, is a child. Immature and naive. I know most of the heroines of this genre are a little of both and I suppose that's what can enhance the dynamic between her and the strong male lead. But this was on a completely different level. My mind repeated the word 'naive' countless times reading this. I literally could not believe somebody in this day and age, aged 22, could be so bloody naive. It made me stop reading so many times out of frustration. She was completely in love with love and romance. She can see no other way and is not inclined to accept that there is another way. Firstly on her rambling about the ex who cheated on her. Her ideas of what love is are laughable. Meet somebody, be in love. Get married, have kids. End. Despite the fact the man she loved all these years has not one redeemable quality. Everything she says about him, she then has to excuse. 'She came back home from uni with a degree to work in a cafe because her future husband lives there and wants to take over the family business. But that's ok, they love one another'. This is just one example. Then when she's known Dominic all of a couple of days - she loves him too. She doesn't tell him. She doesn't have a eureka moment of "oh god I love him". No, one day she just starts adding it to her narrative. No big deal. She loves him. Known him a week. That's cool. And normal. And even though I am aware of situations where you could develop feelings as strong as that very quickly, you would at least be aware of how mad it was and think about it before you just start accepting it. It's almost as if she's just wired to love any man who pays her attention. Or 'think' she loves him at least. I know a lot of authors play fast and loose with the 'instalove' thing. But this wasn't just that. It was this girl so intent on romance that she just loves him. Because she loves love in the most unbelievable and, yes, NAIVE way imaginable. Then there is the BDSM side of things. This author clearly had no clue. None. I don't even know what to say here. It made me cringe. The way she had previously described Dominic, his looks, confidence and personality made me like him. Made me think "hmm, can't wait to see his dominant side". But then we see it.... Cringe. He had absolutely NO CLUE. And I'm not just referencing the part when he loses control. That was laughable really. I'm talking about every 'scene' he does with her. I don't feel his dominance. Not at all. This author has no clue whatsoever what a dom/sub relationship is. None. She really wasted this whole angle of the story due to her lack of knowledge and obvious ineptitude at any research on the subject whatsoever. And jeez, as if it couldn't get any worse.... Beth's whole idea of what BDSM means was truly hard to read without putting the book down. She thinks if she 'follows him into his world, she can CURE him of his desires so they can have a normal loving relationship'. I shit you not. She genuinely believes this. So instead of researching it, reading up about it, she just runs in head first with no clue what she's doing and hoping she will cure the man she met the week before of his lifelong desire and they can live happily ever after. I mean, COME ON?!?It was unbelievable. I couldn't get my head round the fact that anybody could be this naive. Honestly, that word was repeated in my head over and over. The heroine was naive and childlike and immature and had absolutely no clue about the world, what love is and means and she is so wrapped in her own bubble she just doesn't care. Dominic was a let down too. Great body. Shit dom. The author could literally not have fucked this up anymore if she tried. It's a minor miracle I finished the book. I won't be reading the next one.

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Awesome series! A little slow at first. But turned into a great read!! Just stick it out!!

I'm kinda stuck between annoyed, unsure and disappointed

Very interesting.....

I really liked this.

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