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Fire Spell (2012)

Fire Spell (2012)

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1408826216 (ISBN13: 9781408826218)

About book Fire Spell (2012)

it could have been a great story, but somehow it just went flat with a faint puff.None of the main characters are likeable, the evil ones are totally not scary, and it should have been half it's size. I am not very keen on knowing how desperate the dog was to go out for a walk, which will not lead to any further progress in the story. It couldn't grab my fantasy, nor my attention. In short, it could be a good day's timepass for a teenager I guess, but noone older than 16. I loved this book and found it haunting. It was a homeschool project for my daughter who was 13 or 14 at the time. I love the setting of Victorian England. It was intricate and detailed, but not in a boring way, well crafted.Who doesn't love a story with an evil puppeteer and the a dying-regretful witch he was once passionate about. Then there is the guilt-ridden missing child, a dark and grieving Victorian home. Of course, there are orphans finding their places, who are thrust into a magical and surreal world. What would a Victorian novel be without a train ride and a castle thrown in along the way?A really fun adventure novel for the late tween and early teen years.A definite two thumbs up from this mom!Happy reading ~

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Scary fantasy about a witch, a puppet master, a curse and three children caught between them.

This is an amazing book that fills you with fear and excitement. Definitely a page turner.

Pretty good. I was definitely interested the whole time. I didn't love the ending though.

Eerie but pleasing. I wish Clara didn't play such a big role in the end.

This book is great

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