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Firebird (2010)

Firebird (2010)

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About book Firebird (2010)

I would rate this story a solid four stars. The story and characters were well developed. The author took her time letting the relationship between the two characters develop rather than forcing it early on. I don’t know a lot about ballet, but the ballet side of the story seemed really well researched. The BDSM was light to moderate, not too much not too little. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. I adore stories set in the ballet world, and Annabel Joseph doesn't disappoint when she captures all the nuances and realistic backdrop of a genuine ballet company. Either she has been a ballerina, or she's researched well enough to make us believe she has. Her ability to weave elements of BDSM into the world of ballet dancing is extraordinary.That said, let me get to the plot of the story. Prosper is given the chance of a lifetime to dance the lead role in The Firebird by a demanding guest choreographer whom she finds both attractive and demanding. Her kinky fantasies fuel her obsession with the boss, her desire to have him as her Dominant, punishing her for any missteps she has in rehearsal. Fearing that her desire for Jackson will spill over into her performance, Prosper seeks fulfillment for her sexual fantasies outside the studio. Unbeknownst to her, Jackson, who is equally sexually frustrated, seeks a submissive who bears an uncanny resemblance to his Firebird lead. As in most BDSM relationships, ground rules are set and Prosper gets what she desires. However, secrets from her past, a secret off-stage relationship, and Jackson's brief gig in New York weigh heavily on the new principal. Something will have to give, or Prosper may find herself back in the corps, and her sexy Dominant back in Chicago. Find out whether the Firebird soars or fizzles, by reading it for yourself :)

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REALLY liked this one! I'm addicted to her writing now!

i can't get enough of her books. They are very good!

Even better than the first time I read it.

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