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Firebolt (2000)

Firebolt (2000)
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Firebolt (2000)
Firebolt (2000)

About book: YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!!!!!!This series is a first for me as I've never really read a book that revolves around dragons. However I loved this book and can't wait to read the rest of the series and it has past all the tests!PlotIt's an interesting, keep you on your toes kind of plot that leaves unanswered mysteries that make you want to carry on reading. I feel like I've guessed a few of the secrets though I'm not sure that I'm right but that's all part of the fun.CharactersThe characters in this group are amazing. The main ones are well developed and you just genuinely end up caring for them!RomanceDRAMA! I'm Team Blena all the wayJUST READ IT!!!!!!!! Well..i tried, i really did but i can't finish this book.. if i read the phrases "for the love of blueberries"(wtf???) and "goose pimples" one more time i'm going to blow my brains out. There is nothing i like about Elena, she is annoying, cries or is about to cry every 8 or so pages of the book, complains all the time about everything, i mean yes sure she lost her dad and had to move every 3 months her whole life it's sad but instead of hardening her a bit it totally made her a wuss, a frickin crybaby. I just can't read a book with such a weakling of a character without any traces of her picking herself up and making something out of her life. Another problem was Lucian, that guy is so perfect it's annoying as hell, he can do no wrong...perfect looks, perfect choices, a real prince charming it's plain annoying as well as it is boring to read about him. I was looking forward to the dragons and ended up just getting bits and pieces about them in the first 65% of the book(gave up after that). And i still have no idea what's the main plot/villian of the book, seriously nothing is happening. This book did not compel me to finish it much less read the other parts. 2 poor stars
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This was a cute dragon book. I hope there will be a second book.:)
Need.... More.... Dragonians!!! Full review to come!
Havn't had a chance to read the book.
Firebolt was a fantastic
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