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First Bitten (2012)

First Bitten (2012)
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Taylor Street Publishing
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First Bitten (2012)
First Bitten (2012)

About book: Not sure about the other reviews but I found this book didn't hold my attention at all. It's more suited for teenagers with the main character Alex having no redeeming qualities and spending the entire book crying, being selfish and self pitying. The only action scenes were over very quickly and I found it hard to understand how being a half vampire/werewolf hybrid added any true value to the book. Even the shape shifters talents weren't really apparent apart from one hunting trip. It was okay. It wasn't really to my tastes, it felt a bit too girly at times (it is partly a paranormal romance). I don't mind reading books from a females POV since it seems like 80% of fantasy is written by women, but I need the female to be more of a heroine when I do read it. Love triangles are absolutely awful to me which is the reason why I try to shy away from YA lately and it looks like the series heads in that direction in future books. I'm not going to pick up the sequel, but there are probably plenty of women who would enjoy this book just the way it is.
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It was okay took me a few days to finish, nothing that I was overly excited about
4.5 starsI'm really excited to get to the next book. I really loved it!
Loved it! It has my mimdracing and I cant wait for more.
Ok Nathan is an ass but a glorious one!!!
2.5 stars.
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