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First Muslim : Story Of Muhammad: The Story Of Muhammad (2014)

First Muslim : Story of Muhammad: The Story of Muhammad (2014)

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About book First Muslim : Story Of Muhammad: The Story Of Muhammad (2014)

Either Muhammad was destined to be a Prophet in which case it didn't matter who Muhammad was, under what conditions he lived, in what time he lived or there was something which made Muhammad the Prophet. The book is a biography of Muhammad's life, his actions and his teachings. It also briefly and impartially discusses the origin of Jihad, the purdah, Caliphate, Sunni/Shia sects and other such terms closely related with Islam.It was fascinating to know how one of the most dominant religions of the world was created! Extremely interesting!Written almost like a novel, very fluent and in a language that very often made me feel like I was there, it is nevertheless an apparently well researched biography, based on facts, of the Prophet Muhammad’s life, starting from his parents to his death (and a bit beyond). Not having known much at all about his life, I was intrigued by the legends and myths as much as by the hard facts that Lesley Hazleton shares in this book. The reader follows an orphan through a rather difficult childhood and adolescence, shares some quiet and happy moments with him as adult – and almost incredulously follows how he changes, starting from the first message on Mount Hira which made him a simple and peaceful messenger to becoming a prophet, a warrior, a leader and something of a tyrant… Lesley Hazleton does not pretend to know everything, but openly admits that sometimes different sources give a rather unclear picture of the facts. She manages very convincingly to put together the different pieces, to add her insight about the time and place and eventually comes to the most probable conclusion.I only wish that she would write an equally insightful biography about Jesus…! It would be highly informative to compare the lives of these two men who influenced our cultures forever.

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A psycho-analytic-biography that is beautifully written .

Informative & educational

Muhammad was a dick.

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