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Five Have Plenty Of Fun (2001)

Five Have Plenty of Fun (2001)
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Five Have Plenty Of Fun (2001)
Five Have Plenty Of Fun (2001)

About book: This was one of the first famous Five books I read as a girl, and I've always loved it. I loved particularly how upset George was that Berta made a better boy than she did! For some reason, even though I never dressed or tried to act like a boy, I've always sympathized with George. I was a little tomboyish myself, but I didn't really categorize activities as a boy or girl thing to go- If I wanted to play dinosaurs I did, and if I wanted to dress my sister's barbies and brush their hair I did that too, but my nickname growing up was George.Berta has come to stay with the five in what is a reoccurring theme in the books- kidnapping. She dresses as a boy to fool the kidnappers, but they recognize her dog, Sally, and lie in wait. Once more, George is kidnapped, because the kidnappers have mistaken her for Berta! With the help of plucky Jo, George look-a-like, they are brought to justice and all is well in Kirrin cottage again.Another quick read, but I love going through books I've loved for years. I'm 23, I hope I forever love this books and approach them the same way Enid herself did, with a child like innocence and interest in the world. I hope I always like ice cream, swimming and mysterious circumstances as much as I do now.

Five Have Plenty of Fun is one of my faves of the Famous Five series.The Five; siblings Julian, Dick and Anne, cousin George / Georgina and her dog Timmy are staying at Kirrin Cottage with George's parents (Quentin and Fanny).Uncle Quentin is working on some secret project with two other scientist (including an American). When kidnap threats are made against the American scientist's daughter (Berta) he decides she is to with the Kirrins as he would hand over info to get back his daughter.So it is that Berta turns up in the middle of the night, sea sick from the boat rid, with her prancy poodle Sally.To hide her, Berta is disguised as a boy (called Lesley). Which sets George right off, as she likes being mistaken for a boy. The bad guys are watching the family and mistakenly kidnap George. Berta is taken by Joanna the Cook to her sister's place.The remaining four and a girl called "Jo" (a recurrent character and ex-circus girl)to solve the mystery of George's kidnapping...If I read it now it would probably be silly, but when I read it i loved it...
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The first part of the book was fun - Enid Blyton writes this inter personal dynamic scenes very well. We have a new girl with a dog and George does not like her or her dog. But the others are fine with her. And Timmy likes the other dog. Generally that part was fun. But the mystery part as usual was a dampy squib. Though Jo is my favorite character, even her entry does not enliven things. Like all the novels she is part of, once again she saves the day. But somehow we don't see the best of Jo here.
As with all Famous Five books, this is of the same trusted and successful formula. I loved these books as a child and I am delighted that my girls loved them as children too.The stories are adventures of a byegone age, yet still hold the attention of children, around the world...... they have stood the test of time well - and for a great reason.The stories are plausible, fun, adventurous and contain an excellent mix of young characters... with a little bit of everyone in each of them - something that children have obviously known for decades.
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