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Flat-Out Sexy (2008)

Flat-Out Sexy (2008)

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0425224074 (ISBN13: 9780425224076)

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I really enjoyed Erin McCarthy's Flat out Sexy. It had a charming cast of characters who had real flaws and insecurities. I appreciate the fact that the hurdle in their relationship was plain and simple, dealing with the heroine, Tamara's ability to overcome her fear of losing Elec. There were no extra issues to complicate their relationship, no ugly unnecessary conflict for the sake of evoking intense reaction. All in all, it was a quick read with a sweet romance. Tamara is a widow of a race car driver, Elec is an up & coming race car rookie. The last thing Tamara has in mind is to get involved with another driver but when Elec wins over her and her two kids how can she say no? This wasn't a particular sexy book. I think stretch marks were mentioned one too many times for that to be possible. I liked Tamara and Elec's maturity in their relationship dealing with all that came before them but I wanted a sexier romance. I'll have to read more in this series to see if any of them get more passion in the story line.

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Pretty basic romance. I liked the cars and was hoping for more racing.

Romance torride et mignonne à la fois. Je me suis régalé !

more of what you expect from Erin McCarthy!

hmmm ! nice !

*fans self*

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