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Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl (2010)

Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl (2010)

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0545110297 (ISBN13: 9780545110297)
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We picked this book up from K's school library.I have to say I didn't enjoy this one as much as the others. I did find it to be cute that Fly Guy meets Fly Girl. At first I thought Buzz was the only person in the world to have a pet fly but, alas he is not. What got me was all the Fly talk. Wuzzle, Wazzle and what not. After a few pages of reading that I just wanted to hurry up and finish reading this one to K.K seemed to enjoy the book but he has been enjoying reading about Fly Guy so this is right up his alley. Easy read, and good pictures that go with the story. Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl is a quick read that is perfect for beginning or struggling readers. The plot is about Fly Guy who meets a friend that is named Fly Girl. They have a great time doing fun things together, and think about becoming "more than friends". But after contemplating the idea, they realize that they are better off just being friends. The illustrations are simple and straightforward. The overall book is very simple, yet humorous. I would recommend this book for grades 1-2.

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Awwww! A Fly.Guy romance. This one is soooo sweet.

Waiting to hear what my grade 1-2 patrons think.

Fly Guy likes Fly Girl. L.W.

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