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Fünf Regeln Für Mein Zuckersüßes Leben (2011)

Fünf Regeln für mein zuckersüßes Leben (2011)

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About book Fünf Regeln Für Mein Zuckersüßes Leben (2011)

After reading Hate List, I needed a little fun in my literary life. Fancy White Trash was just the ticket! Abby is a not-so-normal girl from a not-so-normal family, growing up in a not-so-normal home. But then again, what is normal? If normal is a sandwich, this girl's is a burnt grilled cheese! Even though life has thrown her multiple curve balls (two sisters, both experienced/experiencing teenage pregnancy; A mom who can't seem to accept that she's not a hot, young thing anymore and ends up pregnant; A stepdad that is not only a guitar playing sleezeball, but also the father to two babies in the household (not saying who's); a best friend/boy-next-door with issues of his own; said best friend's brother who proclaims his love for her; and last but not least, the quest for her one true love), Abby keeps a positive attitude where many wouldn't. She's inspiring and thought-provoking and parts of her family reminded me of the people I've met in my own life. Not only do we learn about Abby's troubles, but we also see other issues that teenagers today face such as homophobia and school bullying, something Abby and her friend Cody experience first-hand. Other than Abby, my favorite character in this book was Cody. Scratch that, maybe it was Jackson, Cody's older brother who made me think of Jackson Rathbone...Both of the brothers provide entertainment and seriousness, both when necessary.I would definitely recommend this book to young adults, aged 13 and older, as well as adults that need a little lighthearted fun! It is a great read and will definitely put a smile on your face! Fancy White Trash is a fun and cute story about Abby who thinks the way to find love is through her One True Love Plan. I loved this book! It made me laugh, a lot! I grew up in somewhat of a small town myself, it only has 3 stoplights and I graduated with 93 people(I think that’s the right figure). The nickname of the town ended in -tuckey, I still laugh at that today. Because of this, many of this stuff reminds me of how I grew up and your typical “trailer park” situations. Can you imagine having a niece whose daddy was also her step daddy or your mom and dad having been married and divorced to each other twice?! Yep, stuff like that happens in the book and you can’t help but laugh.The characters in this book you’ll hate, love, and love to laugh at(or with). I love how strong Abby is in this book and she doesn’t seem to let what happens with her dysfunctional family make her who she is, which is why she comes up with her “plan” to begin with. But at the same time, she loves her family even though they’re crazy at times.I also loved the references to soap operas like Veteran’s Hospital instead of General Hospital. Abby relates many of the things that occur to her everyday life to events that happen in soap operas and it makes this book that much more fun.If you’re in need of a laugh because you’ve had a bad day, then this is the book for you!

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One word: Fun.Oh, wait, here's another word: Funny.

Sequoyah Nominee: 2010-2011 (High School)

3.8 stars.VERY cute read :)

Short. Short.

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