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Forever Broken (2010)

Forever Broken (2010)
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Ellora's Cave
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Forever Broken (2010)
Forever Broken (2010)

About book: Cannot believe I skim-read another of these! What the hell is wrong with me? This was even more disappointing than the previous one. The vamp was basically a hundred year old teen. If he'd stamped his foot and slammed his bedroom door it wouldn't have been very out of character. The wolf was a closet gay in a pack of violent homophobes and honestly his complicated friendship with the pack leader was the only truly interesting thing in this story and it got the literary equivalent of 5 minutes screen time. A shame. EA could have had a really gripping romance here if she'd dispensed with the denial all together and focused more on the vamp or were politics keeping the lovers apart. Forever Broken takes a classic coming out story and gives it a unique twist with a vampire, Laurent, finding his soul mate, Paul, beta wolf to a were pack known for its viciousness in hunting down vampires. This was no easy romance and the way in which Evangeline Anderson jumped points of view to give us a window into the hearts and minds of each of her main characters was not only intriguing but made this story much more lively and interesting then the normal paranormal fare often found in this genre.Each of these two men must fight prejudice and reprisals form those that claim to love them in order to remain together. Couple this with the fact that Paul stoutly refuses to admit he is gay and you have a story that is rife with angst and one dilemma after another. It was an exciting novel and one that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys this type of paranormal story line.
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While I loved the interaction between the MCs, I found Peter's gang/pack lifestyle childish.
Started slow and boring. it got a bit better towards the middle. i would not read again 0_0
My rating: 2.5 stars
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