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Forever Freed (2013)

Forever Freed (2013)

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0989465055 (ISBN13: 9780989465052)
Laura Kaye

About book Forever Freed (2013)

This is the second Laura Kaye book I have read but the first Vampire book from her that I have read ( so far) it was really a very beautiful story about finding love and the healing power of love. The story is slow to start but once Sam and Lucien start to get to know each other the story is really great. Sam has a daughter Ollie ( Olivia) and she is just a charmer and is someways brings Sam and Lucien together. The vampires in this book are similar to the vampires in the twilight series but are less moody and don't sparkle! but other then how these vampires behave and feed the similarities stop there. It is beautifully written, the characters are great and I look forward to reading all of Laura Kaye's books vampire and otherwise in the very near future. I read this book away back in July 2011 and cant believe I haven't posted my review on GR's.So this is it:I don't know where to start with this book. I downloaded it this morning via Kindle and have sat reading it for 5 hours. I couldn't put it down. What a great story from the vampire's perspective.Lucien Demarco hooked me from the start. Dark, brooding, a deliciously hot man - grieving over his past, hating himself, resigned to the fact that this is how his life had to be.Then we meet Ollie - a loving wee girl- who pulls you in and you love with her from the moment she walked across the hospital plaza. Ollie's innocence, her compassion, her uniqueness - she sees through Lucien's secret and truly sees him. Samantha meets Lucien whilst she is sitting outside her work on her break. Lucien is immediately attracted to Samantha and is hooked from the moment he meets her and senses her emotions. Lucien wants Sam and contemplates feeding from her until he realizes there is a connection between her and Ollie. Ollie is Samantha's daughter... The story unravels from this point with never a dull moment. This is an emotional journey for the three of them (and for me as the reader) and each page I turned became faster and faster to find out what fate held for them. The ending is gripping and I admit I cried.Highly recommend. A wonderful story from Laura Kaye.

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I'm a big Laura Kaye fan but this story just dragged for me.

Wasn't my favorite by Laura Kaye.

A great read! Gym time flew by!

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