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Forever Promised (2013)

Forever Promised (2013)

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1623808596 (ISBN13: 9781623808594)
Dreamspinner Press

About book Forever Promised (2013)

Amy Lane is the Queen of M/M Romance. Her men may broken but they are so worthy of love. They are adorable hunks. That I would love to be friends with. After working my way through this series I wish I could be part of their family and have Sunday dinner at The Pulpit. This story was heartbreaking and heart warming in equal measures just like I expect from any Amy Lane book. It was great to get a bit of everyone in this one to finish up the series. I love them all. OMG...this book and the feels! Just no words! It really is hard to describe how attached I became to this whole cast of characters. The love Benny has for Deacon is so special and sweet. Crick is too funny and the emotions and love between him and Deacon are amazing. The friendship between Deacon and Jon is something everyone should have. I did feel for Mikhail. Just some many great stories in this one book. I'd give it six stars if I could.

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Perfect. Just perfect. An amazing ending to one of my favourite series! Amy Lane at her best!

5++ Stars!! Beautiful ending to an amazing series!! Thank you Amy Lane!!

I really don't like Benny. This book just made me realize how very much.

I used a lot of Kleenex on this one.ETA: I cried on the re-read too.

Babies. Bah humbug.

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