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Forgiving Ourselves: Getting Back Up When We Let Ourselves Down (2008)

Forgiving Ourselves: Getting Back Up When We Let Ourselves Down (2008)
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Forgiving Ourselves: Getting Back Up ...
Forgiving Ourselves: Getting Back Up When We Let Ourselves Down (2008)

About book: I had seen this book at several conventions and thought to myself, "I am pretty good at forgiving myself so I don't think I need to get it." I'm not sure what prompted me to finally purchase this book, but I am so glad I did! So glad!!Wendy Ulrich is one of my all-time favorite authors. I love the way she writes. I love her analogies, her great sense of humor (which she adds at just the right moments), her honesty about her own experiences, her candidness and her willingness to be a tremendous counselor to the reader. She doesn't preach or lecture, she explains and she gives sound suggestions. She always makes sense. She doesn't hold back any information that helps the reader to come to some very insightful conclusions, which is very generous. I can't speak highly enough about this book - it was one of the best "self-improvement" books I've ever read - and I've read a bunch of them. When I finished this book I wrote that I said goodbye to a good friend. There are things in the life of everyone that one say "I can never forgive myself..." and then you just feel the blank. She deals with that topic like the great professional that she is. I love her books and this is a masterpiece. Give it a chance if you ever find yourself in that situation. Maybe you are in that situation and don't even know. It is very interesting. I love intelligent people and this woman is one of the brightest out there. If they had 10 stars I would give her.
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I didn't expect this to help me understand what a family member is going through.
This book inspired and comforted me so much. EVERYONE should read this book.
Refreshing... A different side of eight
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